About Madison Marketing Group

We're a humble group of (mostly) midwesterners who love doing great work for our clients. We pride ourselves on the flexibility afforded by being a small team and pass the perks onto those we work with.

An Experienced Marketing Partner

Since 2011, we've been helping companies realize the potential of their digital marketing. Clients aren't a number but a valued relationship, which means helping them accomplish results is our top priority.

Digital Marketing

Our marketing methodologies only work for us when they work for you, so we are open and honest with those who come to us for marketing help. If what you want to accomplish is not our core competency, we'll point you other possible directions for support. If you are a fit for what we do, you'll gain access to the technical and strategic expertise you can only get from an experienced agency like us. You'll get the marketing program you need to accomplish your goals and deliver a return on investment.

Website Design and Development

Building and launching a new website is not a project you can "outsource" to just anyone. Our designers and developers bring years of experience building websites on multiple platforms to ensure each component contributes to the goals you've set for it. We approach each web project differently, applying the principles of practical design and inbound marketing to embody your brand in the best way possible.

Chris Murvine, CEO and Founder at Madison Marketing Group

Chris Murvine

CEO | Founder

Sam Zastrow, Digital Marketing Manager at Madison Marketing Group

Sam Zastrow

Director of Operations

Emily Roznowski, Creative Manager at Madison Marketing Group

Emily Roznowski

Creative Manager

Sam Swiech, Content Marketing Manager at Madison Marketing Group

Sam Swiech

Content Marketing Manager

Katie Cartwright, Inbound Marketing Manager at Madison Marketing Group

Katie Cartwright

Inbound Marketing Manager

Alex Rudik, Development Manager at Madison Marketing Group

Alex Rudik

Development Team Leader