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5 Ways to Refresh Your Digital Marketing Strategy in 2018

If this year's digital marketing strategy looks the same as it did two or three years ago, you're likely missing out on new tools and techniques that have made their way into the modern marketing arsenal.

While the core mission of digital marketing remains the same as it always was, changes in how we interact with online content (and the sheer amount of it) have prompted marketers to find new ways to accomplish it.

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Google Lengthens Snippets in Search Results: What It Means for SEO

Update (May 25th, 2018):

As of May 2018, Google has reverted back to shorter display snippets. Data collected from Moz suggests these changes are widespread and that most meta descriptions are now being shortened to the previous limit of about 155–160 characters. Given this new development, consider this post a record of Google's experimentation with snippet length, which, as of right now, does not seem to apply.

Jump to the bottom of this post for updated recommendations on meta description length.

In early December 2017, Google officially confirmed it has lengthened the snippets of text that appear beneath links in search results.

These description snippets have remained around 160 characters for many years, but a recent report from RankRanger has measured average growth to be around 230 characters, with roughly half of users seeing these changes as of early December.


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How We Helped The FDA Group Increase Sales Revenue by 231% and Achieve 30x Marketing ROI in 2016

As a digital marketing agency we’ve learned that inbound marketing works across different industries and for different companies. But we also realize that different industries, companies, and target buyers are all different in how they can find the most success with inbound marketing.

We don’t follow a formulaic approach to put our clients on the path to success. Clients who partner with us end up with a strategic, tailored digital marketing plan built on a firm understanding of the client’s persona, goals, and digital needs.

Read on to learn how we helped one client, The FDA Group, exceed their goals through inbound marketing using HubSpot.

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A Practical Introduction to HubSpot’s Smart Content Tool

Great marketers know they need to define their ideal customers before engaging them. In the inbound world, these are called buyer personas. And while personas are central to creating inbound content, serving real prospects valuable information in the right place at the right time can be tough work without the right tools.

If you’re using HubSpot, you’re in luck. You already have just such a tool waiting for you in your portal: smart content.

Smart content allows you to intelligently serve up particular messages and offers exactly where prospects need it in the sales cycle without interrupting their experience.

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The 5 Best Ways To Generate B2B Website Content That Drives Search Engine Traffic

For something that can work so well, executing a B2B website content marketing campaign sure can be difficult.

First, you have to figure out to what to write about. It's easy enough to list out your most important target keywords or talk to your sales team to see what customers are asking about.

But then you have to take those ideas and convert them into content that people actually want to read, and that has a chance to make it into potential customers' search engine results.

There's also a sometimes-prohibitive time commitment involved with B2B content generation. It takes a long time to write quality content, not to mention any social promotion, ad promotion, or outreach programs that are part of your post-publishing plan.

So how can you be sure the content you're producing worth the time investment and worthy of search engine placement? These five strategies are typically where we start for our B2B clients that are new to content marketing.

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SEO or SEM, Which Works Better for B2B Lead Generation?

What comes first — the chicken or the egg?

For B2B lead generation, that question falls on deaf ears because the truth is: you can have your cake and eat it too (with a few caveats).

Forget what you heard about how great or horrible pay-per-click advertising (sometimes called SEM or search engine marketing) or an investment in an SEO campaign can be for your business, and instead focus on your goals and the realities of the search landscape you're trying to break into. 

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How to Put Value Back in Your Value Proposition

If you feel anything but confident in your value proposition, it's worth revisiting.

Great value propositions offer a clear, concise and compelling answer to a seemingly simple question: Why should people buy from you?

From your perspective, the answer may seem obvious. But in this case, obvious answers are rarely the best. It can take some serious work to arrive at a great value proposition.

To save you time trying to figure out what's missing from yours, we highlighted the common patterns present in the best ones out there to show you what's powering their success.

Here's some recommedations based on we found works best.

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What Should You Include in your Company Newsletter?

I’m willing to bet that you’ve signed up for an e-newsletter or two in the past. I’m also willing to bet that you’ve unsubscribed from an e-newsletter or two. It’s probably not surprising to you, then, to find out that most people unsubscribe from e-newsletters for one of the following reasons:

  • Too many emails!
  • Too salesy!
  • Boring content
  • And the worst - all of the above
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A Brief Introduction to Inbound Social Media Advertising

Until recently, advertising was a weird taboo for inbound marketers.

As a sensible alternative to the annoying tactics of traditional "outbound" marketing, Inbound veered away from most forms of advertising along with cold calls, purchased email lists and all the other tired methods marketers had clung to for years.

But as it turns out, when we declared the death of the “old way of doing things,” we ended up throwing a few babies out with the bathwater.

Ads didn’t need to be banished outright, they just needed to get a little smarter.

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5 Ways to Add Video For More Engaging Website Content


Data from Wyzowl indicates that when both video and text are available on the same web page, 69% of consumers would prefer to watch the video to learn about something.

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