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How to Maximize Your Content Usage

"Repurpose, reuse and recycle" your content to maximize its usage.

Making sure your business has a wealth of strong content is essential for bringing in new customers. A company with little or no content leaves potential customers wondering whether or not you know what you're doing, but strong content conveys a sense of expertise and commitment to whatever you it is you're selling.

Consistently creating and writing copy for new content can be a chore, but the folks over at Duct Tape Marketing have provided a step-by-step example for making content stretch further than you could possibly imagine.

DTM's Dan Kraus suggests that users "repurpose, reuse, and recycle" your content to get as much out of it as possible. He also reminds us to reformat content into messages that emphasize each of the three learning styles — visual, auditory and kinesthetic values — so that your content can be interpreted by a variety of audiences.

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Promote Your Brand on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a valuable tool for employers and prospective employees alike. More than 86 percent of employers use the social networking site to recruit potential employees, which makes it a great place for job-seekers to build an online presence.

However, LinkedIn's uses are not limited to the employment realm. Just like Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn is a huge social network and therefore has inherent marketing potential. It's likely that you're already using LinkedIn, so why not promote your brand in the process?

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8 Basic Steps to Successful Facebook Marketing

Thanks to its user base of more than 800 million and increasingly useful brand pages, Facebook might be the most important platform for social marketing. Only Google has more monthly online visitors than Facebook, so establishing a strong presence on Facebook is key for businesses in the social network era.

With help from Hubspot, we’ve put together a list of eight essential Facebook practices all companies should consider abiding by:

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Polls Are Not Just for Politicians

Simply put, people love poll taking. They love to answer questions, and give their opinion and see what others are thinking about a certain topic — and social media has made that easier than ever. What used to be thought of as a political game, poll taking has become a vital social media tool for large corporations and small businesses alike. Social media platforms, including the popular website Facebook, offer users the opportunity to create polls, take polls, and look at the results of polls that others have posted. Businesses can utilize polls in a variety of ways, and below are some of the ways for business owners and marketing executives to best use polls on social media platforms.

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