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Tweet Like A Person, Not A Business

Twitter is a strange place. It consists of media types, young people, tech geeks and increasingly (and thankfully) normal people sitting behind computers or smart phones typing words on a screen that can be read by people all over the world. What makes it so strange is the fact that even in a world where you're not actually talking to people in real life, there's nothing more annoying than impersonality.

This is an especially difficult thing to avoid for businesses, whose difficulty in navigating social media is well-documented. Businesses usually don't have the luxury of associating a face — and therefore a person — with their tweets. This isn't a problem that can necessarily been solved, but it can certainly be minimized. Here are three ways to give your business some personality and avoid tweeting like, you know, a business.

Associate real people with your tweets
This might the easiest way to avoid having a business-y Twitter page. Just tell folks who the real people who manage the brand account are. We do that here at CloudTactix by including it in our bio:

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An Image Optimization Case Study: How To Use Photos To Drive Website Traffic

A few weeks ago, our site was experiencing record-setting levels of traffic. After a few moments of blissfully (and ignorantly) thinking our sound inbound strategy had set off some sort of viral content extravaganza we realized the real reason for the traffic. Almost all of it was coming from a single blog post or, more specifically, a single image within that blog post.

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Use Case Studies To Win More Customers

Let's say you get an email from a company trying to sell you a vacuum cleaner. You think to yourself, "Hmm. I could sure use a new vacuum cleaner," so you read the email, click through and take a look at its specs on the company's website. The vacuum from the email looks great, but just to be sure, you search Google for product reviews for vacuums. As nice as the email and website made the first vacuum look, it doesn't have the strong reviews presence of its competitors. Which vacuum do you choose?

If you're like most people, you probably picked the vacuum with the stronger reviews. It's no secret that good reviews and referrals drive business. In fact, a 2010 eMarketer survey revealed consumer reviews are 12 times more trusted than manufacturer descriptions. As a small business, earning strong reviews can make the difference between finishing the year in the red or in the black.

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Content Marketing Is About Developing An Educational Tool, Not Advertising Your Product

One of the biggest gaps in understanding we see here at Murvine Marking Group is the very different ways we, as inbound marketers, think about website content and the way some other folks think about it.

The ultimate business goal of content marketing is to create fresh, relevant content that helps Google and other search engines' web crawlers "understand" your website is a valuable source of information on whatever it is you're trying to sell. Most people understand this, or they at least understand it's important to update their site's content frequently.

But where the disparity lies is not in their knowledge of what fresh content can accomplish for their site, but what value it holds for, you know, the humans who actually read it.

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