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6 Best Practices For Creating Premium Content

Quality content is the backbone in any inbound digital marketing strategy.

But "content" has come to refer to so much, that it pretty much just means "stuff." Stuff you put on your webpages, stuff that makes up blog posts, and stuff you post on social media.

It's a broad term that can apply to almost anything (website copy, downloadable whitepapers, ad copy, etc.), yet each type of content has its own unique set of features and best practices that necessitate its own creative process.

While creating a full content library covering various topics is still important to generate search traffic, today we're going to focus on creating a gated piece of content, sometimes referred to as premium content.

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Best Practices For Designing Call To Action Buttons

Reach out to potential customers with bright, bold call to action buttons.

A call-to-action is the copy or graphic used to entice and persuade a website visitor to take a certain action. Well-designed calls to action can dramatically increase conversion rates. 

This post examines a few best practices for creating a call-to-action that is sure to get noticed and earn clicks from your visitors. 

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Inbound Marketing vs. Outbound Marketing Explained

Inbound marketing vs. outbound marketing, via Scott Fasser at

Before I started working for our digital marketing agency, I had a very limited understanding of marketing. Essentially, I heard the word "marketing" and thought “sales." Any and all attempts to sell products, market services and attract customers, I lumped together in the very broad category of marketing.

When I came on board the Madison Marketing team, however, I quickly discovered how many types of marketing there really are, and how important it is to consider the differences between them.

Who would have thought you could describe this one term with so many adjectives (Wikipedia lists 42 types of marketing!) and in doing so change its meaning in so many ways? What I've realized, however, is that each of these many categories fit into one of two larger groups: inbound and outbound marketing.

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5 Frequently Asked Questions About Content Curation

Speak with digital marketers anywhere about the ins and outs of a successful inbound marketing campaign and they’ll all tell you one thing: “It all comes down to content.” And because the pressure is on for marketers to create compelling content, a copywriter’s job is more important than ever.

And although a copywriter's job is to create a wealth of quality and compelling content that is sure to speak to your ideal buyers, there are other factors that often lead to supply not keeping up with demand.

Rather than pushing a good writer to their breaking point by asking them to shift focus from quality to quantity, many digital marketing departments implement a content curation strategy to supplement their own creation efforts. 

Read on to learn the basics of content curation and how it can help your company in its inbound marketing efforts.

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Hiring A Digital Marketing Agency? Take These Steps To Avoid Getting Burned

Hiring a digital marketing agency shouldn't be a stressful process.

Unfortunately, there are plenty of illegitimate "SEO experts" and "SEO agencies" out there that promise to deliver results and come up short. If you've ever been burned in the past, you're probably wary of hiring another firm to help  market your business. 

Keeping up with current digital marketing trends can be an all-consuming job that marketing managers or business owners simply don't have the time or experience for, which leads to the need to partner with a trustworthy and performance-backed agency.

With all of the marketing and sales tactics in play, how can you figure out which agency to trust with your business? Read on for four strategies you can use while evaluating an agency to determine if they're a good fit for your business.

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