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How To Drive Qualified Leads Through Legitimate Guest Blogging

Read Sam Zastrow's Social Media Today blog, 3 Ways To Get More Facebook Engagement By Using Photos.

As a content marketing agency, blogging is essential to what we do – blogging is often the first thing we suggest to clients as a way to increase indexed pages, organic search traffic, inbound links, and social media shares.

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Best Practices For Creating Lead Nurturing Campaign Copy

Craft your e-mail copy to stand out in a crowd.

In creating your lead nurturing campaign, you've done everything right. You've got your leads and they’re working their way down the sales funnel. But how do you close the sale?

It’s simpler than you may think, even for those new to digital marketing. Just send an e-mail. To do so you need only one tool—your computer—and the following list of best practices for writing e-mail copy as a reference.

Abide by these practices and you’ll find your copy does what it’s supposed to. It keeps your businesses top of mind with your target audience, it allows you to get in touch with interested leads by promptly sending them information they have requested (through a form on your landing page), and it gives those waiting to buy another poke to consider your offering.

Here they are, the simplest guidelines for rounding out your lead nurturing campaign:

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6 Best Practices For Creating Premium Content

Creating compelling content is all about keeping your audience in mind.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: in inbound marketing it all comes down to content. At our digital marketing agency, we use content as the backbone of any digital marketing strategy, both for clients and ourselves. It's a broad term that can apply to almost anything (website copy, downloadable whitepapers, ad copy, etc.), yet each type of content has its own unique set of features and best practices that necessitate its own creative process.

In past posts we've discussed how to create content that can be churned out quickly and made available for everyone to see—blog posts, website copy, etc. While creating a full content library covering various topics is still important to generate search traffic, today we're going to focus on creating a gated piece of content, sometimes referred to as premium content.

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Best Practices For Writing Landing Page Copy

Writing copy is a huge part of a digital marketer’s job, and is an essential responsibility of any business with an online presence. Those of us in inbound marketing spend countless hours creating compelling content to display on our homepage, to post on our blog and to offer in our eBooks.

In their efforts, however, many inbound marketers often neglect one of the most important locations where content appears: landing pages. Landing pages, if you’ll recall, are those web pages where push comes to shove, where visitors to your site either provide you with their contact information or get on with their day.

Writing effective landing page copy, copy that encourages visitors to share their information, is vital to drawing in new customers. As this, of course, is a universal goal of businesses in every industry, those in digital marketing and elsewhere should extend the copywriting efforts they apply in other areas of their websites to landing pages as well.

For tips on how to do so, check out today’s set of best practices:

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4 Tips For Better B2B Email Marketing

Today’s topic is 4 Tips For Better B2B Email Marketing. We’re asked at the agency now and again whether or not we think email marketing is still relevant or effective. And the answer is, “sort of.” It has to be done well. It has to be very, very targeted, meaning that you’re ending messages to people who’ve opted in to receive messages from you; it needs to be tied to some form of lead generation or nurturing; and it needs to be centered around some form of premium content.

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The 3 Elements of an Inbound Marketing-Ready Website

An inbound marketing-read website is chock full of targeted landing pages.

Although we’re a digital marketing agency, we build a lot of websites. We have to: in most cases it’s the only way to ensure long-term, sustainable success for our clients. If a site isn't optimized to its full marketing capacity, even the best digital marketing strategy can only go so far.

Because your website will be the primary publishing platform for your marketing-related content, it’s absolutely essential to build an inbound marketing-ready website.

What is an Inbound Marketing-Ready Website?

A website is considered “ inbound marketing-ready” when it’s built with an emphasis on lead generation. This means that prospects from each stage of the marketing/sales funnel can be engaged with, converted, and nurtured to close from their very first visit.

Unfortunately, most websites several years old or older weren’t often conceived to be inbound marketing-ready websites – and small business websites almost never were.

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Best Practices For Designing Call To Action Buttons

Reach out to potential customers with bright, bold call to action buttons.

Much of the talk around our digital marketing agency centers on the best way to do a certain thing: the best way to employ social media marketing, the best way to optimize a blog post or the best way to connect with a client. Numerous solutions tend to be offered, but we most always land on one. Why? Because although there are a number of ways to accomplish a given goal, there is almost always one course of action best suited for doing so.

There are a dozen ways to cook a chicken, countless ways to prepare a hamburger, and perhaps even more to make a steak. Yet regardless of their chosen method, chefs everywhere would likely agree that there are certain steps that must be taken to maximize the presentation and flavor of each.

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Inbound Marketing vs. Outbound Marketing Explained: Part 1

Inbound marketing vs. outbound marketing, via Scott Fasser at

Before I started working for our digital marketing agency, I had a very limited understanding of marketing. Essentially, I heard the word "marketing" and thought “sales." Any and all attempts to sell products, market services and attract customers, I lumped together in the very broad category of marketing.

When I came on board the Murvine Marketing team, however, I quickly discovered how many types of marketing there really are, and how important it is to consider the differences between them.

Who would have thought you could describe this one term with so many adjectives (Wikipedia lists 42 types of marketing!) and in doing so change its meaning in so many ways? What I've realized, however, is that each of these many categories fit into one of two larger groups: inbound and outbound marketing.

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5 Essential Pieces Of An Inbound Marketing Campaign

With everything this loud it all seems like nonsense.

When we hear the word “campaign,” especially in the wake of the recent election, we tend to think billboards, yard signs, television ads, and radio broadcasts. We picture politicians presenting themselves to the public in every way, shape, and form. And, frankly, most of us are growing quite sick of having these ads and images thrown in our face at every turn.

The campaigns of politicians rely on outbound marketing; they seek to buy the attention of potential voters. Those of us who know better recognize it is much more effective to earn the attention of those we want to reach, to make them truly desire what it is we have to offer and seek us out to deliver it. How best to do so, you ask? Through use of an inbound marketing campaign centered on 5 core pieces.

1. An inbound-ready site
With more and more customers using the web to seek information about products and services, companies must ensure their site can stand out in a crowd. A well constructed site is first and foremost easy to navigate. Consumers use the web because they want information quickly; they’re not about to sift through mounds of content to find the product they desire. A simple way to boost usability: decrease clutter.

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4 Frequently Asked Questions About Content Curation

Still waiting for that Aha! moment? Read on.

Speak with digital marketers anywhere about the ins and outs of a successful inbound marketing campaign and they’ll all tell you one thing: “It all comes down to content.” Hear this refrain on your first day as a copywriting intern and you’ll feel the heat. And because the pressure is on for digital marketing companies to create compelling content, a copywriter’s job is more important than ever.

In a recent post I recommended content curation as a go-to strategy for writers faced with increasing demands. If my post achieved what I intended, you now recognize curation as a valuable tool for generating more and better content. When I first entered the field of inbound marketing, I knew that curation was valuable, but I was unsure of how to actually implement the process or of the implications of doing so.

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Hiring A Digital Marketing Agency? Take These Steps To Avoid Getting Burned

Hiring a digital marketing agency shouldn't be a stressful process.

Unfortunately, there are plenty of illegitimate "SEO experts" and "SEO agencies" out there that promise to deliver results and come up short. If you've ever been burned in the past, you're probably wary of hiring another firm to help  market your business. 

Keeping up with current digital marketing trends can be an all-consuming job that marketing managers or business owners simply don't have the time or experience for, which leads to the need to partner with a trustworthy and performance-backed agency.

With all of the marketing and sales tactics in play, how can you figure out which agency to trust with your business? Read on for four strategies you can use while evaluating an agency to determine if they're a good fit for your business.

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