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How to Use Your Old Franchise Blog Posts to Get New Leads

Your blog is (or can be) a very powerful tool for franchise development. But it’s not all about content creation

Maintaining your blog with regular new posts is important to holding the interest of your current leads and nurturing them as they evaluate your opportunity. Search engines value fresh content as well, but you can put your blog to work for you without having to continuously be focusing on creating new content.

Here's how you can get more out of your franchise blog without having to write new posts:

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5 Characteristics Of A Perfect Company Pitch

"So, what do you do?"
"Well…you’s a rather complex industry…I do a lot; we have several clients…"
"Oh, I see..." (No; I don't)

It’s amazing the amount of interactions that follow this format, the number of people who can’t clearly explain what it is they do.

Public employees have it easy. Teachers, policemen, and doctors can say one simple word and all will understand (to some degree) what it is they do. Those of you in the business world, especially those whose companies aren't exactly run of the mill, have to provide a much more detailed response to the question.

Though at times a difficult question, this is one you should welcome. It provides you the perfect opportunity to make a pitch for your company. Even if the person you're speaking with doesn't represent your ideal buyer, you never know who they might know who might need your services. That means giving a concise yet memorable answer is important.

Resort to the standard “I’m in sales,” and the conversation ends; launch into a lengthy, fumbling account of your every workplace action and bore your listener to death. Strike a balance and you just may get some business out of your boring wait in line.

An effective pitch is:

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