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How to Write Effective Website Copy: A 4-Point Checklist

Writing website copy for your business can be a challenge. With constantly changing recommendations for SEO (search engine optimization) and the need to provide a modern and valuable experience for your website visitors, it can be hard to know where to begin. 

This post covers four basic best practices to follow when planning and writing copy for your website. And while Google's recommendations for smaller search signals are always fluctuating, you can rest assured that these tips are in line with the bigger picture of how your customers search for, explore, and find businesses online.

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4 Tips For Finding Interested Customers

Companies across all industries are trading out traditional outbound marketing strategies for inbound marketing techniques. Why? Traditional tactics don’t work the way they used to. Outbound marketing (generally) is interruptive. Billboards, cold calls, and mailings send a message, sure, but it is one that falls on many closed ears.

Though outbound techniques allow companies to reach a large audience (you can’t miss a billboard), it’s not guaranteed to be the right audience. The random passer-by or bored channel changer is, more often than not, uninterested in the message they see.

Inbound marketing is designed to attract customers who are interested, to reach only those who want to buy. By honing in on this audience you can save your company some serious time and money.

Here are 4 ways to reach the right customer:

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Learn How to Use Your Blog to Nurture Existing Leads

This post examines how to use your blog to nurture existing leads and engage with customers in addition to bringing in new visitors through search.

When blogging is discussed in the context of digital marketing, the conversation tends to focus on a blog's ability to attract visitors and convert them to leads. The basic idea being that you write about topics that your ideal customers may be searching for as they begin their search for a solution to a problem. 

From there, the standard inbound methodology prescribes that you present visitors with basic level information within your blog post, encourage them to learn more by converting on some type of content offer, and then continue to nurture them through additional offers until they close as a customer. 

But what if you could rely on your blog to do more for you than just bring visitors to your site? 

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