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6 tips for writing a blog post title your audience will click on

This post covers how to write an effective headline with tips you can apply to blog posts, articles, and social media with the intention of earning clicks and generating leads.

Writing a click-worthy title or headline is easier said than done. And generating a lead based off of that click is even more challenging. Read on to learn six things you can do to make your first impression count and keep visitors engaged by providing something worthy of trading their contact information.

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How-To Tuesday: Build A Qualified Social Media Audience In One Month

One of my all-time favorite internet jokes is the Profit! Meme. It's used to poke fun at plans or courses of action for success with beginning steps and a desired goal (Profit!), but without a clear steps in between to achieve the goal.

It goes a little something like this:

  1. (Step One)
  2. (Step Two)
  3. ???
  4. Profit!

Unfortunately, many small businesses take what I call the Profit! approach to social media marketing. In most cases, businesses have accounts on social media channels and are making an effort to post to them, but haven't developed a well-rounded strategy for building an audience they can actually market to (and eventually, profit from).

The social media strategy I see far too much of in the social media community:

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PPC for Lawyers: A Guide to Pay-Per-Click for Attorneys and Law Firms

Pay-per-click advertising, sometimes abbreviated to PPC, is a digital marketing technique that has been around for almost as long as search engines have existed, but should your law firm start (or continue) paying for it? Does it work? Is lawyer PPC worth it? Let's take a look.

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Use Google Analytics' Content Drilldown To Optimize Content Marketing

Learn more about content marketing with our free, comprehensive content marketing guide.

Hi everyone, Sam Zastrow here. I'm the account and community manager here at Murvine Marketing. In this week's screencast (How-To Tuesday), we're going to be talking about using Google Analytics, more specifically using the Content Drilldown feature in Google Analytics to help shape your content marketing strategy.

This is something that we keep a close eye on obviously for all of our clients and internally as well: looking at numbers to determine what's working and what's not and adjusting our strategy accordingly and kind of shaping our best practices that way.

I've got four examples, well, three examples — two of them are basically making the same point — that I'm going to show you simply spending about five minutes looking into the analytics of our website and what pages people are looking at and how they're doing it.

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How To Build A Better Accounting Firm Website

Regardless of the variety of work you do as an accountant or financial manager, engaging with prospects online is an absolute necessity in today’s world.

If you’ve already established a website that hasn’t been generating the amount of business you think is possible, or if you are in the initial stages of crafting your first webpage, it’s useful to start from the perspective of your ideal client.

This post focuses on what you need to include on your accounting website to build client trust and generate leads.

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How-To Tuesday: Get More Search Visibility for Videos

Learn how law firms and financial firms are generating traffic and conversions with video by downloading one of our industry specific eBooks.


Hi everyone, Sam Zastrow here. I'm the social media and account manager here at CloudTactix. The topic of today's How-to Tuesday screencast is hosting your videos in multiple locations with different titles to reap search engine visibility benefits.

What I mean by that is, a lot of times what I'll see is companies simply uploading their videos to YouTube and maybe embedding them in a blog post in an effort to try to bring people to their website through search engines.

But if you can host your videos on your website, on YouTube, and also embed them within a blog post, that means you have three different opportunities to rank for different terms, especially if you name those videos with different titles.

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Facebook Best Practices for Accounting and Financial Firms

Last week, we covered blogging best practices for accounting and financial firms. This week, we'll talk about best practices for Facebook.

It's undeniable that Facebook is a necessary and important part of any digital marketing campaign. With over 1.1 billion users from countries the world over, the potential reach that Facebook gives businesses is irresistible. But there are certain things your firm can do with your Facebook page that will earn the trust of your fans and that will increase visibility and engagement among them.

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