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5 Types of Social Media Posts To Try

Your fingers are wondering what to type.

Are you stuck in a rut when it comes to social media? Maybe you've just started and aren't sure what to write. (The first post beast is a pretty intimidating one to face.) Maybe you've been at it a long time and you're running out of ideas or find yourself tweeting the same things over and over again. (That beast of the mundane can also pack a punch too.)

When you find yourself struggling to figure out what to write for your next social media post (whether for Twitter or Facebook or your blog), then you know it's time to get back to the basics. Here are 5 types of social media posts you can use to reinvigorate your brand and boost engagement.

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What's Your Video Marketing Goal?

Star Trek

Video is the future. I tried coming up with another way to say it - "Video... the final marketing frontier..." - but, well, there it is. With YouTube's rise in popularity and the shift in marketing culture towards the visual, any business that hasn't already produced video content might feel like they're missing out on all the opportunities that are out there. You want to do video, and you need it done yesterday. However, if you're going to boldly go where no business has gone before (or at least, where your business has never gone before), you better make sure you're prepared.

Oh, and for your safety, leave the red shirts at home.

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4 SEO Tips For Your Madison, Wisconsin Small Business Website

Although I’m using local Madison small businesses as my target here, these tips pertain to any small business around the country looking to attract more eyes to their website through inbound means.

If you’re totally clueless as to what Search Engine Optimization (SEO) pertains to, familiarize yourself with the concept here. Like almost any other dimension of digital marketing, SEO is a dynamic component of a broader ever-changing online environment, so it’s essential to routinely check out what new changes are taking place and reorient your strategy accordingly.

Similarly, this may be helpful to businesses that integrated some SEO in the past and are looking for some ways to update their optimization.

1. Use web analytics to track and compare your traffic

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Use Video on Your Landing Page to Convert More Leads

There are a million different reasons why a potential lead might click away from your landing page. Maybe there's too much text they can't be bothered to read, maybe they're confused about what to do or what exactly they're signing up for, or maybe they just don't like the way the page is set up. Even if none of these things are the case for the landing page of your newsletter or eBook, they still might click away, and whatever their reason, that's another lead lost.

So then, what to do to keep the ever-shrinking attention of the online lead? Why not add a video?

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Infographic: The Ultimate Social Media Size Cheat Sheet

If you have any experience posting to social media, you know how important using images and other visuals is to engaging your audience. You also know how much of a pain it is to create visuals that are just the right size to look nice on news feeds, profile pages and timelines.

But thanks to our newest infographic, you no longer have to waste time searching Google or rifling through your notes to find the exact size to tell your designer to use for your next visual.

Presenting: The Ultimate Social Media Size Cheat Sheet. It includes everything you want to know about visuals sizing for Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn (and probably a lot you didn't care to know, too).

Happy posting!

[Open the infographic in a new tab to see a larger version]

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Grow Your Audience With The 3 Golden Traits

Math and science tell us that triangles are the strongest shape. This is because, if the three sides are formed out of a rigid material, one of them cannot deform without changing or breaking the other two. They depend on and support each other, you see. The same thing goes with these three traits that your business needs to have to grow an audience on social media, and anywhere else, really. Allow me to explain.

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How Small Businesses Can Use Video Content For Better Local Engagement

For small businesses who may be struggling to navigate through particularly turbulent times, budgeting for the foreseeable future usually involves scaling back the more non-essential parts of your business operations and finding the most effective solutions to deal with shaky finances.

If your business benefits from a strong online presence whether through a dedicated website, blog, or social media platform, investing in the effort to publish more than just text copy is a great way to boost engagement without breaking the bank.

Where’s the value in video?

Video-based media is quickly becoming easier and less time consuming to produce with the introduction of a wide variety of free or inexpensive software tools designed specifically for amateurs to learn and use. Specifically for product-based businesses as well as those who provide more complex services to clients, video often proves a more effective medium for conveying intricate concepts when text can become convoluted and difficult to follow.

If video and multimedia content in general has always seemed like a lesser accessory in terms of its effectiveness to rouse your audience, you might want to reconsider after looking at some eye opening stats:

• In terms of user engagement, the introduction of Facebook’s media-optimized timeline for brands saw a 65% increase in overall engagement over just one month.

• Blog posts that include some kind of video content attract about 3 times more inbound links than plain texts posts.

• Viewers spend 100% more time on webpages that feature video content.

Let’s look at some of the ways you can utilize video quickly and inexpensively:

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