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How to Optimize Your Video Content For Maximum Search Visibility

As web content publishers turn increasingly toward more visual ways to communicate ideas and showcase products with readers, questions about the differences between text and multimedia commonly come up. One of the biggest questions looming over the discussion of moving toward a more visual content style is whether or not visual media are capable of being optimized for search rankings to the same degree as text.

Whether your videos take the form of personalized vlogs, or more business-influenced tutorials, guides, or product videos, there are a number of tools available to give your videos an SEO boost. Don’t be satisfied with the videos simply sitting on your site for the occasional passerby to notice.

From a marketing perspective, video content gives businesses a unique way to grab traffic and brand yourself. With so many other businesses ignoring SEO considerations completely, simply adhering to some simple optimization steps will give you a good chance of getting ahead.

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How To Optimize Your Company Blog For Local Search

If you’re already rolling your eyes at the word “optimize,” don’t lose hope just yet. This isn’t another post about copying keywords into your posts in hopes that Google smiles on your content a little more.

While SEO in the traditional sense is of course an important tool for garnering new attention from people who are using search engines to feel around for answers to their questions, your blog needs to be more than a keyword receptacle if you intend on people reading your content and returning for more in the future.

With that said, if you’re a company who enjoys business from local clientele, it’s important to leverage as much local-oriented search power as possible. With smartphones rapidly finding their way into consumers’ pockets, mobile search is increasingly being used to locate and evaluate nearby businesses that carry the products and services they’re looking for on-the-go.

If you’re a smaller business competing with national big box stores, you might scoff at me for proposing it’s possible to actually contend with them for search rankings. Well I’m here to tell you that kind of thinking is for fuddy dutties stuck in their ways. Local businesses have two main weapons at their disposal they can unleash upon the heavyweight competitors: local knowledge and networks.

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A Quick Guide to Facebook ROI

Think you need some robotic help crunching all those numbers? 

It's easy to be overwhelmed with all the things you could possibly measure on your business' Facebook page. Fans? Likes? Comments? Shares? Which ones actually mean something? How much is each of them worth when it comes to the ROI of social media?

You might have heard this answer before, but the ROI on Facebook really does depend. What are your goals for your Facebook marketing strategy? Different goals will be reached via different strategies, and different statistics will tell you whether those strategies are working. Here are a few Facebook measurements you might keep track of, what they really mean, and what goals they'll help accomplish.

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Prevent Crises and Boost Business with Social Customer Service

It's incredibly easy to complain about anything and everything on social media. Just a few keystrokes and a customer's negative opinion of your business is available to be viewed by anyone else with internet access. Last week, a man using the twitter handle @HVSVN put down his own hard-earned money to buy a promoted tweet and express his frustration with the airline British Airlines for losing his luggage. 

Screencap from

The extreme move has been dubbed "complainvertising" by British digital communication agency Deeson Creative, and the tweet itself has been retweeted by senior vice-president of marketing and commercial at JetBlue Airways, Marty St. George.

I think it's a bit early yet to say whether or not "complainvertising" will become a real social media trend, as Deeson Creative claims. After all, not every unhappy customer has the funds, the time, or the disposition to promote a tweet complaining about a negative experience with a business. However, the event is a prime example of how a business can fly (or in this case flop) with social customer service.

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Running a Facebook Contest 101

It's now easier than ever for businesses to run a Facebook contest and increase engagement, expand your business' email database, grow your customer base, or increase awareness around a new product or feature. Not sure how to do that? Well, never fear. Here are the basics.

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3 Content Types To Keep In Mind For Social Media Marketing

We often publish content here with a certain business audience in mind. When you think about it, a concept like blogging can involve potentially very different approaches all encompassed under the same medium. In some ways, a business’ approach to crafting a social media identity is no different. It’s not a stretch to imagine an accounting consultant’s Facebook page featuring radically different content than a local retailer. Less obvious are the similarities in content types companies of all kinds tend to gravitate towards.

Let’s think about the accountants and the retailer again. If you compared their pages side by side, the accountants’ page would most likely feature quotes from happy clients, links to accounting news and articles, and maybe some back-and-forths between followers and the firm itself. The retailer might have photos of new products, links to product descriptions, contests involving discounts, and user reviews. Although they’re revolving around two completely separate industries, both pages are posting essentially the same kinds of posts.

Quotes from satisfied clients and user-generated product reviews, for example, are both examples of follower content. Categorical similarities like this become more and more clear when you start grouping social media content into its essential post types.

Regardless of what kind of business you are, you can start to better manage your social media marketing content strategy with these three content types in mind:

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