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Facebook Management 101

There are a lot of responsibilities to keep track of.

Managing a personal Facebook page is hard enough (Stop with the Candy Crush requests already!), but what about managing a fan page for your small business? Since you don't have to deal with all the red tape that a corporation would have, it won't take you long to get things from your brain to the Page, but that doesn't mean creating and maintaining a successful Facebook page won't take some time and effort, the constant creation of engaging and interesting content aside.

That said, here are a few basic lessons to keep in mind to make sure the logistics of Facebook Page management doesn't take over your life.

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What Types of Content Should I Create for YouTube?

Whether you've been creating YouTube videos for a while, or are just getting started and in need of inspiration, now might be a good time to review the types of content that see the most success on the world's #1 video watching site.

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Facebook Pages: One or Multiple?

If you're a business with multiple locations (think franchises, restaurants, etc.), you probably found your way to this post because you're wondering one of two things:

1. Should you set up an individual Facebook page for each of your locations? What are the pros and cons of having either one page or multiple Facebook pages for your business?

2. How do you set up multiple Facebook pages for your business?

You're in the right place. Read on to learn the answers to both questions and come away with a better understanding of which direction is right for your business.

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YouTube Gives Video Publishers Calls-to-Action With External Annotation Links

As the nature of highly digestible web content shifts from a traditional text forms to more visual media capable of conveying messages, feelings and other information in a more exciting stimulating way, many business owners have taken to YouTube to bring their company and the products or services its sells to customers in new ways.

If you’re not leveraging the potential in shifting to image and video-based data presentation either because you’re not convinced in the potential benefits or simply don’t know how to, here’s a good place to start. If you’ve dabbled with YouTube integration already, or are looking to right now, you might want to know about a very important new feature YouTube just rolled out: external annotation linking.

Before recently, if you ran a YouTube channel and posted original video content, you could add annotations to videos with simple text or links to other YouTube videos. While these were useful for promoting your other videos, the whole point of publishing videos in the first place is to attract viewers to your actual products or services. With the ability to link viewers to external pages, the marketing power of YouTube grows considerably.

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