Marketing vs. Customer Service: Fight?

Running a business is a complicated endeavor, and more often than not, there will be a lot of different issues competing against each other and many decisions to be made. Because of their different goals, marketing and customer service are two parts of a business that frequently butt heads (drawing attention, generating leads, and making sales vs. reducing confusion, troubleshooting product or service problems, and resolving issues with unsatisfied customers). In reality, these two departments will do your business a lot more good working together rather than independent from or even against each other!

So how can you, a marketer, help improve relations with your customer service team? Or, if you wear both hats, how do you balance these two goals? By following these 3 simple rules. (I've even rhymed them for you, so they'll be easier to remember!) Whether you work in a marketing department as part of a larger company, or whether you handle both marketing and customer service for your small business, if you remember to 'Wait, Educate, and Communicate', you're sure to save yourself a lot of trouble and headaches.

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