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A Practical Introduction to HubSpot’s Smart Content Tool

Great marketers know they need to define their ideal customers before engaging them. In the inbound world, these are called buyer personas. And while personas are central to creating inbound content, serving real prospects valuable information in the right place at the right time can be tough work without the right tools.

If you’re using HubSpot, you’re in luck. You already have just such a tool waiting for you in your portal: smart content.

Smart content allows you to intelligently serve up particular messages and offers exactly where prospects need it in the sales cycle without interrupting their experience.

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The 5 Best Ways To Generate B2B Website Content That Drives Search Engine Traffic

For something that can work so well, executing a B2B website content marketing campaign sure can be difficult.

First, you have to figure out to what to write about. It's easy enough to list out your most important target keywords or talk to your sales team to see what customers are asking about.

But then you have to take those ideas and convert them into content that people actually want to read, and that has a chance to make it into potential customers' search engine results.

There's also a sometimes-prohibitive time commitment involved with B2B content generation. It takes a long time to write quality content, not to mention any social promotion, ad promotion, or outreach programs that are part of your post-publishing plan.

So how can you be sure the content you're producing worth the time investment and worthy of search engine placement? These five strategies are typically where we start for our B2B clients that are new to content marketing.

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