How To Expand Small Ideas Through Inbound Marketing

Sam Swiech

Sam Swiech

Content Marketing Manager at Madison Marketing Group

Make your small idea bigger with creative inbound marketing

Executing a successful marketing campaign in the late Web 2.0 era demands reorienting a simple yet fundamental aspect of your mindset: perspective. Gone are the days of pumping out half-baked content with the goal of spreading yourself through the tangled web of link paths in hopes of attracting as many eyes as possible with weak content and an undefined target.

With Google standing as a highly matured and refined tool tuned to complex analytical data, the task of marketing through one’s content requires an equally refined approach. Although the demands of such a highly evolved search structure requires more nuanced marketing strategies, it also affords organizations the opportunity to take single ideas much further through precise planning and creative execution.

Distill The Essentials Of Your Idea

The first task to shaping a strategy around your content is to mold your idea to a specific audience or set of audiences. In this stage, you should let the audience do at least some of the creative work for you. Thankfully, this is where a strong social media marketing component will pay off in spades.

Monitor, track, and analyze what people are talking about through all of the social tools you implement. Combine this data with traditional customer questions and comments made through email and any other avenues used to connect with customers and clients to get a broad picture of what resonates well.

Expand your audience’s input into a tangible media object such as a survey, questionnaire, or other participatory item from which you can obtain results specific to your idea. You can then use the targeted data results to inform your idea’s content whether it be a simple graphic or a large-scale sales effort rallying customers behind a product or service.

Employ A Creative Targeting Strategy

Specificity of customer or client opinion is extremely important if you intend on reaching the widest possible swath of your target. If you’re working from a product or service-based standpoint or are involved in ecommerce activities and online sales, reaching out to your audience is essential for motivating leads to act on your tailored content. Surveys and questionnaires afford you two things that maximize the effectiveness of gauging opinion:

1. An open palette for creative question development

2. A medium easily engaged for data collection

Surveys and questionnaires offer a blank canvas that can and should be filled with questions informed by preliminary data collected through social media communications among other outlets. They should also adhere to a simple, concise format participants will likely complete fully.

Thankfully, you’re not on your own when it comes to creating surveys capable of collecting a wealth of analytical information. FGI Research and SurveySavvy are two options among others that cater to organizations looking for professional-level analytics information attainable through paid accounts.

Fortunately, people tend to enjoy a variety of survey activities given they are not massive in length, not overly technical, and end with a prize of some kind. Take advantage of the medium for promotional content if it’s an appropriate dimension of your concept that could potentially enhance involvement.

Develop The Idea Into Tangible, Attractive Content

If your survey design is sound, interpreting the results should be relatively straightforward. Most importantly, you now have the data needed to turn public opinion into inbound opportunity.

From a simplistic standpoint, this could be as easy as generating an attractive infographic designed to bring attention to an area of particular interest or to highlight certain activity conducive to business or traffic. Imagine your idea from the consumer’s perspective and look to your previous successes when designing visual components of your idea meant for not only eye-catching appeal, but also interesting data delivery.

Keep in mind visual and interactive media are great for sharing among blogs and aggregates such as Take the time to determine what will make your visuals attractive to maximize the social aspect of your media.

Reach Out With A Clever Promotion Concept

Thinking within the box will lead many to limit their expectations to a few days of boosted traffic on social media and blog sites, but by raising the bar on your outreach, much more can potentially be achieved.

The blogosphere today is much more than a collection of clustered, hyper-specific websites miles apart from one another. With the massive number of blogs come a massive number of topics. Expand your specific idea into broader categories to encompass more blogs (and thus more readers) than you’d normally expect.

Finding blogs relevant to your concept can be a time-consuming and arduous task. Keep your resources in mind and invest your time where you think you can yield the best results.

With a dash of ingenuity, guidelines like these can up the ante on material you previously had far less hope for.

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