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What Should You Include in your Company Newsletter?

I’m willing to bet that you’ve signed up for an e-newsletter or two in the past. I’m also willing to bet that you’ve unsubscribed from an e-newsletter or two. It’s probably not surprising to you, then, to find out that most people unsubscribe from e-newsletters for one of the following reasons:

  • Too many emails!
  • Too salesy!
  • Boring content
  • And the worst - all of the above
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B2B Micro-Moments: 3 Ways to Be There for Prospects In a Pinch

In 2014 mobile internet usage surpassed desktop use for the first time ever. Since then, we’ve been staring at our phones even more.

This shouldn’t be much of a surprise, though. Smartphones give most of us what we needed from our desktops and laptops without being tethered by cords and cables. What we didn’t expect was just how fast the mobile transition would come––especially marketers.

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3 Bad Email Marketing Practices Keeping Readers from Clicking Through

Whether it’s the typical embarrassing relative who shows up during the holidays or the colleague whose jokes simply aren’t funny, we all deal with embarrassing situations that make us uncomfortable. 

While strange relatives and cringe worthy co-workers are something we take in stride, you may have a bigger problem on your hands if your teeth clench every time the topic turns to your email marketing results in company meetings. 

If you can relate, don’t worry.

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Reviews: Best Practices for Asking for Them

Now that we've established how important reviews are for not only generating leads and encouraging business, but also helping your business appear higher up on search results, let's take a look at the best practices for asking for them.

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4 Common E-mail Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

How many e-mails do you send each day? How much time do you devote to each? Proportionately there is likely quite the discrepancy. And understandably so—demands are high and our time is limited. Communicating via e-mail is quick and that’s largely why we love it.

With the click of a key you can send a message to a million people (should you have so many contacts). It’s astonishing, really, but I find that too often we get caught up in the speed of this service and forget to slow down when we ought.

I receive anywhere from 10-15 e-mails each day, and in scanning them I almost always stumble upon some error—a spelling mistake, a misused word, incorrect punctuation, something which alerts me the sender of the message didn't craft it with much care. Normally, this doesn't bother me (I've been there). But were I to receive a message from a company, marketing a product or offering a service, and one of these red flags popped up, I’d hit delete pretty quickly.

So marketers take note: when using e-mail as a means of marketing, slow down. It’s easy to make mistakes when you’re moving 100 mph, but it’s equally as simple to get it right if you only take a breath. Here are a few common mistakes marketers make when e-mailing. Be wary of making them in your messages and you’ll ensure your e-mails serve as intended.

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Write Outreach E-mails That Won’t Be Met With Rejection

Rejection is a slap in the face. Craft your outreach e-mails carefully to avoid this fate.

Digital marketers are awesome, but we get shot down a lot. Most of our business deals take place online and, let’s face it; it’s much easier to reject someone from behind a computer screen than in front of their face.

As is typical, those in marketing tend to face rejection in the early stages of a relationship—after having sent an outreach e-mail. Then why bother? Outreach e-mails are a quick and low-cost way to reach a high volume of prospects, request a link, or share a piece of content. Yet too many businesses simply throw them together with little regard for how they’ll be received.

A quality outreach e-mail includes 6 basic parts (seems like a lot, yes, but most are only a few short words). Here’s how to craft each so your message will merit a read and even a reply.

Greeting: The greeting is perhaps the most important part of an outreach e-mail, for it determines whether or not your recipient will continue reading. You may be tempted to divert to the standard Dear ____: but do not. The word screams proposition. The basic Mr.__ isn’t terrible, but it sends the message that you don’t know your recipient (and who wants an e-mail from a stranger).

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4 Tips For Better B2B Email Marketing

Today’s topic is 4 Tips For Better B2B Email Marketing. We’re asked at the agency now and again whether or not we think email marketing is still relevant or effective. And the answer is, “sort of.” It has to be done well. It has to be very, very targeted, meaning that you’re ending messages to people who’ve opted in to receive messages from you; it needs to be tied to some form of lead generation or nurturing; and it needs to be centered around some form of premium content.

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