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How-To Tuesday: Get More Search Visibility for Videos

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Hi everyone, Sam Zastrow here. I'm the social media and account manager here at CloudTactix. The topic of today's How-to Tuesday screencast is hosting your videos in multiple locations with different titles to reap search engine visibility benefits.

What I mean by that is, a lot of times what I'll see is companies simply uploading their videos to YouTube and maybe embedding them in a blog post in an effort to try to bring people to their website through search engines.

But if you can host your videos on your website, on YouTube, and also embed them within a blog post, that means you have three different opportunities to rank for different terms, especially if you name those videos with different titles.

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How-To Tuesday: Optimize Blog Posts for Better Search Engine Visibility

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This is kind of a "back-to-basics" screencast, but it's important nonetheless. I know a lot of marketers who maybe come from more traditional marketing background aren't sure how this all works.

This is a post on our site one of my co-workers wrote yesterday. As you can see we use Wordpress as our CMS (content management system). This is going to vary for your CMS but this is what the back end of Wordpress looks like in a blog post if you've never seen that before.

The two most important elements Google looks at — maybe not the most important elements, but two of the most important elements Google looks at when ranking individual pages are the meta title and meta description.

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How-To Tuesday: An Introduction To Facebook Insights


Hi everyone Sam Zastrow here back with another edition of How-To Tuesday. In today’s screen cast we’re going to be talking about Facebook Insights. I’m going to give you a basic overview of Facebook’s analytics tool for pages and give you a little bit of an introduction to that so you can measure and see what’s working on your page, what’s not working, stuff like that.

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How-To Tuesday: Optimize An Image For Search [Screencast]

Outline: How to optimize an image for search

  1. Make sure your image is a JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, SVG or WebP so Google can index it.
  2. Make sure the filename is descriptive and includes a keyword.
  3. Make sure the title includes a descriptive keyword.
  4. Make sure the meta description is descriptive.
  5. Reference the photo and what's in it within the text.

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