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5 Ways to Refresh Your Digital Marketing Strategy in 2018

If this year's digital marketing strategy looks the same as it did two or three years ago, you're likely missing out on new tools and techniques that have made their way into the modern marketing arsenal.

While the core mission of digital marketing remains the same as it always was, changes in how we interact with online content (and the sheer amount of it) have prompted marketers to find new ways to accomplish it.

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How We Helped The FDA Group Increase Sales Revenue by 231% and Achieve 30x Marketing ROI in 2016

As a digital marketing agency we’ve learned that inbound marketing works across different industries and for different companies. But we also realize that different industries, companies, and target buyers are all different in how they can find the most success with inbound marketing.

We don’t follow a formulaic approach to put our clients on the path to success. Clients who partner with us end up with a strategic, tailored digital marketing plan built on a firm understanding of the client’s persona, goals, and digital needs.

Read on to learn how we helped one client, The FDA Group, exceed their goals through inbound marketing using HubSpot.

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SEO or SEM, Which Works Better for B2B Lead Generation?

What comes first — the chicken or the egg?

For B2B lead generation, that question falls on deaf ears because the truth is: you can have your cake and eat it too (with a few caveats).

Forget what you heard about how great or horrible pay-per-click advertising (sometimes called SEM or search engine marketing) or an investment in an SEO campaign can be for your business, and instead focus on your goals and the realities of the search landscape you're trying to break into. 

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What Should You Include in your Company Newsletter?

I’m willing to bet that you’ve signed up for an e-newsletter or two in the past. I’m also willing to bet that you’ve unsubscribed from an e-newsletter or two. It’s probably not surprising to you, then, to find out that most people unsubscribe from e-newsletters for one of the following reasons:

  • Too many emails!
  • Too salesy!
  • Boring content
  • And the worst - all of the above
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A Brief Introduction to Inbound Social Media Advertising

Until recently, advertising was a weird taboo for inbound marketers.

As a sensible alternative to the annoying tactics of traditional "outbound" marketing, Inbound veered away from most forms of advertising along with cold calls, purchased email lists and all the other tired methods marketers had clung to for years.

But as it turns out, when we declared the death of the “old way of doing things,” we ended up throwing a few babies out with the bathwater.

Ads didn’t need to be banished outright, they just needed to get a little smarter.

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An Inbound 2016 Recap: Smart Social Advertising in a Noisy Web

Many of the sessions at this year’s Inbound Conference covered the topics we’ve come to expect to hear about there.

Whether it’s deciphering search signals, modernizing our selling strategy, or making use of all the data we collect, Inbound is our chance to refresh ourselves on concepts that evolve faster than many of us would like to admit. But this year, a relatively new topic cropped up among the old standbys: Social Advertising.

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5 Short-Term Benefits of Making a Long-Term Digital Marketing Investment

Making an investment in a digital marketing campaign centered around the inbound methodology is a long-term play.

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Why Don't I See My Website When I Do a Google Search?

Why don't I see my website when I do a Google search?

For such a simple question, the answer sure is hard to nail down.

Google processes 40,000 of our searches per second worldwide, but even the most seasoned search engine optimization (SEO) experts among us can't predict how the search results are ranked any better than a coin flip.

That said, learning the basics of search engine functionality and a bit about how people use search engines will give you a better understanding of the context of the answer to your question, if not the answer itself.

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B2B Micro-Moments: 3 Ways to Be There for Prospects In a Pinch

In 2014 mobile internet usage surpassed desktop use for the first time ever. Since then, we’ve been staring at our phones even more.

This shouldn’t be much of a surprise, though. Smartphones give most of us what we needed from our desktops and laptops without being tethered by cords and cables. What we didn’t expect was just how fast the mobile transition would come––especially marketers.

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Why it Pays to Go All-In on Inbound Marketing

Too often we talk to marketers at B2B companies that think creating one awesome blog post a month is all it takes to start making hay online.

This strategy might work if you're using a ton of time between blog posts to actively promote each one with social media and link-building campaigns, but the truth is, doing a “little bit” of inbound is like playing it safe at the poker table––you might do okay, but you’ll never win big unless you get really lucky.

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