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3 Ways To Bridge The Gap Between Marketing and Sales

“Man, these leads stink, none of them close,” says the salesperson.

“Sales keeps dropping the ball on all our leads––it’s all credit and no blame with them,” says the marketer. 

You’ve seen it before––the age-old divide between the sales and marketing. It’s a feud that can grind your company’s growth to a halt if both teams can’t get on the same page and work in harmony. 

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3 Tips For Streamlining The Franchise Sales Process

Whether you’re a new franchise company trying to make the best initial investment possible, or an established brand looking to shift your marketing strategy to better reflect today’s market, there are a number of options available to help make the most of the resources you have.

If you aren’t familiar with recent findings from the Annual Franchise Development Report, the numbers regarding franchise lead sources might jump out at you:

Internet sales are accounting for about four of every ten franchise sales in the United States.

Compared to the numbers of past studies, it’s clear franchise lead generation in general is changing from a practice that finds customers to one that focuses on them finding you.

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Learn How to Use Your Blog to Nurture Existing Leads

This post examines how to use your blog to nurture existing leads and engage with customers in addition to bringing in new visitors through search.

When blogging is discussed in the context of digital marketing, the conversation tends to focus on a blog's ability to attract visitors and convert them to leads. The basic idea being that you write about topics that your ideal customers may be searching for as they begin their search for a solution to a problem. 

From there, the standard inbound methodology prescribes that you present visitors with basic level information within your blog post, encourage them to learn more by converting on some type of content offer, and then continue to nurture them through additional offers until they close as a customer. 

But what if you could rely on your blog to do more for you than just bring visitors to your site? 

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5 Characteristics Of A Perfect Company Pitch

"So, what do you do?"
"Well…you’s a rather complex industry…I do a lot; we have several clients…"
"Oh, I see..." (No; I don't)

It’s amazing the amount of interactions that follow this format, the number of people who can’t clearly explain what it is they do.

Public employees have it easy. Teachers, policemen, and doctors can say one simple word and all will understand (to some degree) what it is they do. Those of you in the business world, especially those whose companies aren't exactly run of the mill, have to provide a much more detailed response to the question.

Though at times a difficult question, this is one you should welcome. It provides you the perfect opportunity to make a pitch for your company. Even if the person you're speaking with doesn't represent your ideal buyer, you never know who they might know who might need your services. That means giving a concise yet memorable answer is important.

Resort to the standard “I’m in sales,” and the conversation ends; launch into a lengthy, fumbling account of your every workplace action and bore your listener to death. Strike a balance and you just may get some business out of your boring wait in line.

An effective pitch is:

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HubSpot’s New Inbound Marketing Graphic: An Explanation

Inbound marketing software provider, HubSpot, has released a new graphic intended to offer an at-a-glance explanation of the methodology on which their software is based.

Marketing and sales professionals will recognize the graphic as a slight re-imagining of the traditional sales funnel analogy. It’s not perfect: HubSpot would do well to revise the graphic in order to clarify certain aspects of inbound marketing.

But, if you’re curious about the method, or still learning the theory behind inbound marketing, HubSpot’s new graphic (and accompanying web page) is worth a look: it does offer a more comprehensive explanation of the sales process as related to HubSpot’s flagship software than do previous attempts.

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Break It Down: An Overview Of Client Segmentation

Digital marketers face a distinct challenge: how to appeal to a set of incredibly diverse clients. While many companies have very defined target markets (Revlon seeks out middle-age women, Columbia attracts outdoorsy folk) we offer services to all sorts of businesses.

Ask me to define our typical client and I’d be hard pressed to tell you. We work with lawyers, accountants, jewelers, and software companies alike. And while it’s great to have such a broad market, for many in the industry it can be tricky to communicate in a way that will resonate with each specific client.

Thankfully, a way exists—Segmenting.

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