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A Brief Introduction to Inbound Social Media Advertising

Until recently, advertising was a weird taboo for inbound marketers.

As a sensible alternative to the annoying tactics of traditional "outbound" marketing, Inbound veered away from most forms of advertising along with cold calls, purchased email lists and all the other tired methods marketers had clung to for years.

But as it turns out, when we declared the death of the “old way of doing things,” we ended up throwing a few babies out with the bathwater.

Ads didn’t need to be banished outright, they just needed to get a little smarter.

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Facebook Is Booming as a Content Discovery Engine — What It Means for Marketers

It may be hard to believe, but Facebook is now the 2nd most common way people catch up on the kind of news they regularly consume:

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3 Reasons Social Media Management is Still Valuable For Attorneys

If you’ve been marketing your law firm online, you might have noticed the “buzz” surrounding social media marketing has changed over the past couple years. 

What used to be a seemingly endless flow of articles, statistics, and blog posts hailing all the new benefits these platforms offered has transformed into a more sobering picture of what these networks have to offer in their current form. 

Broadly speaking, lawyers have always had trouble garnering the kind of rich, social interactions marketers rave about, but that doesn’t mean social media is useless to the legal industry by any means; actually the opposite.

Instead, these spaces have become important channels attorneys (especially solo and small firms) can use for some crucially important marketing tasks that might not even be on your radar. 

Let’s explore why it’s worth it to attorneys to stay active on social media despite a lack of visible engagement in the form of “likes,” comments, and shares. 

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Facebook Management 101

Managing a personal Facebook page is hard enough, but what about managing a page for your business? Creating and maintaining a successful Facebook page takes some time and effort.

Here are a few basic lessons to keep in mind to make sure the logistics of Facebook page management doesn't take over your life.

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What Types of Content Should I Create for YouTube?

Whether you've been creating YouTube videos for a while, or are just getting started and in need of inspiration, now might be a good time to review the types of content that see the most success on the world's #1 video watching site.

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Facebook Pages: One or Multiple?

If you're a business with multiple locations (think franchises, restaurants, etc.), you probably found your way to this post because you're wondering one of two things:

1. Should you set up an individual Facebook page for each of your locations? What are the pros and cons of having either one page or multiple Facebook pages for your business?

2. How do you set up multiple Facebook pages for your business?

You're in the right place. Read on to learn the answers to both questions and come away with a better understanding of which direction is right for your business.

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3 Content Types To Keep In Mind For Social Media Marketing

We often publish content here with a certain business audience in mind. When you think about it, a concept like blogging can involve potentially very different approaches all encompassed under the same medium. In some ways, a business’ approach to crafting a social media identity is no different. It’s not a stretch to imagine an accounting consultant’s Facebook page featuring radically different content than a local retailer. Less obvious are the similarities in content types companies of all kinds tend to gravitate towards.

Let’s think about the accountants and the retailer again. If you compared their pages side by side, the accountants’ page would most likely feature quotes from happy clients, links to accounting news and articles, and maybe some back-and-forths between followers and the firm itself. The retailer might have photos of new products, links to product descriptions, contests involving discounts, and user reviews. Although they’re revolving around two completely separate industries, both pages are posting essentially the same kinds of posts.

Quotes from satisfied clients and user-generated product reviews, for example, are both examples of follower content. Categorical similarities like this become more and more clear when you start grouping social media content into its essential post types.

Regardless of what kind of business you are, you can start to better manage your social media marketing content strategy with these three content types in mind:

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5 Types of Social Media Posts To Try

Are you stuck in a rut when it comes to what to post on social media? 

When you find yourself struggling to figure out what to write for your next social media post (whether for Twitter or Facebook or your blog), then you know it's time to get back to the basics. Here are five types of social media posts you can use to reinvigorate your brand and boost engagement.

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Facebook Best Practices for Accounting and Financial Firms

It's undeniable that Facebook is a necessary and important part of any digital marketing campaign. With over 2.3 billion users from countries the world over, the potential reach that Facebook gives businesses is irresistible. But there are certain things your firm can do with your Facebook page that will earn the trust of your fans and that will increase visibility and engagement among them.

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Facebook: The Personal Profile vs. The Business Page

This post was originally published in 2013, but was edited and updated for relevancy in November 2016.

Facebook's reach is huge. The tech giant boasts more than 1 billion monthly active users, and many of them are using it to connect with the brands and businesses they buy from.

So if you want a piece of the action, you're going to have to put your business on Facebook as well. However, you can't just create a profile page for it the way you would for yourself.

You must create a Facebook Page for your business. What's the difference between business and personal Facebook pages? Well, read on and see.

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