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A Brief Introduction to Inbound Social Media Advertising

Until recently, advertising was a weird taboo for inbound marketers.

As a sensible alternative to the annoying tactics of traditional "outbound" marketing, Inbound veered away from most forms of advertising along with cold calls, purchased email lists and all the other tired methods marketers had clung to for years.

But as it turns out, when we declared the death of the “old way of doing things,” we ended up throwing a few babies out with the bathwater.

Ads didn’t need to be banished outright, they just needed to get a little smarter.

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Facebook Is Booming as a Content Discovery Engine — What It Means for Marketers

It may be hard to believe, but Facebook is now the 2nd most common way people catch up on the kind of news they regularly consume:

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B2B Micro-Moments: 3 Ways to Be There for Prospects In a Pinch

In 2014 mobile internet usage surpassed desktop use for the first time ever. Since then, we’ve been staring at our phones even more.

This shouldn’t be much of a surprise, though. Smartphones give most of us what we needed from our desktops and laptops without being tethered by cords and cables. What we didn’t expect was just how fast the mobile transition would come––especially marketers.

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3 Reasons Social Media Management is Still Valuable For Attorneys

If you’ve been marketing your law firm online, you might have noticed the “buzz” surrounding social media marketing has changed over the past couple years. 

What used to be a seemingly endless flow of articles, statistics, and blog posts hailing all the new benefits these platforms offered has transformed into a more sobering picture of what these networks have to offer in their current form. 

Broadly speaking, lawyers have always had trouble garnering the kind of rich, social interactions marketers rave about, but that doesn’t mean social media is useless to the legal industry by any means; actually the opposite.

Instead, these spaces have become important channels attorneys (especially solo and small firms) can use for some crucially important marketing tasks that might not even be on your radar. 

Let’s explore why it’s worth it to attorneys to stay active on social media despite a lack of visible engagement in the form of “likes,” comments, and shares. 

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Infographic: The 2014 Ultimate Social Media Size Cheat Sheet

If you have any experience managing at least some part of your company's social media marketing, you've probably seen for yourself how important it is to engage your followers with a wide variety of visual media in addition to text posts.

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There's No Place Like Your Facebook Page for the Holidays

In this day and age, if your Thanksgiving turkey is cold and you haven't pulled the lights out of storage, started playing Christmas music, and also thrown on an ugly Christmas sweater, you're already late. Your house isn't the only thing you should be prepping for the Christmas season, either. Make these four changes to your business' Facebook page, and you could earn yourself a boost in engagement, some new Fans, and your own early Christmas!

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Facebook Management 101

There are a lot of responsibilities to keep track of.

Managing a personal Facebook page is hard enough (Stop with the Candy Crush requests already!), but what about managing a fan page for your small business? Since you don't have to deal with all the red tape that a corporation would have, it won't take you long to get things from your brain to the Page, but that doesn't mean creating and maintaining a successful Facebook page won't take some time and effort, the constant creation of engaging and interesting content aside.

That said, here are a few basic lessons to keep in mind to make sure the logistics of Facebook Page management doesn't take over your life.

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What Types of Content Should I Create for YouTube?

Whether you've been creating YouTube videos for a while, or are just getting started and in need of inspiration, now might be a good time to review the types of content that see the most success on the world's #1 video watching site.

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Facebook Pages: One or Multiple?

If you're a business with multiple locations (think franchises, restaurants, etc.), you probably found your way to this post because you're wondering one of two things:

1. Should you set up an individual Facebook page for each of your locations? What are the pros and cons of having either one page or multiple Facebook pages for your business?

2. How do you set up multiple Facebook pages for your business?

You're in the right place. Read on to learn the answers to both questions and come away with a better understanding of which direction is right for your business.

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A Quick Guide to Facebook ROI

Think you need some robotic help crunching all those numbers? 

It's easy to be overwhelmed with all the things you could possibly measure on your business' Facebook page. Fans? Likes? Comments? Shares? Which ones actually mean something? How much is each of them worth when it comes to the ROI of social media?

You might have heard this answer before, but the ROI on Facebook really does depend. What are your goals for your Facebook marketing strategy? Different goals will be reached via different strategies, and different statistics will tell you whether those strategies are working. Here are a few Facebook measurements you might keep track of, what they really mean, and what goals they'll help accomplish.

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