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How We Helped The FDA Group Increase Sales Revenue by 231% and Achieve 30x Marketing ROI in 2016

As a digital marketing agency we’ve learned that inbound marketing works across different industries and for different companies. But we also realize that different industries, companies, and target buyers are all different in how they can find the most success with inbound marketing.

We don’t follow a formulaic approach to put our clients on the path to success. Clients who partner with us end up with a strategic, tailored digital marketing plan built on a firm understanding of the client’s persona, goals, and digital needs.

Read on to learn how we helped one client, The FDA Group, exceed their goals through inbound marketing using HubSpot.

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5 Digital Metrics That Are Only Serving Your Vanity

The knowledge of yourself will preserve you from vanity. - Miguel de Cervantes

I'll be the first to admit it: I'm as guilty as anyone on focusing on digital metrics that paint a pretty picture, instead of those that provide real, actionable knowledge.

It's an easy habit to fall into, especially when the knowledge to be gained may not necessarily be something your boss wants to hear.

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How To Optimize Your Company Blog For Local Search

If you’re already rolling your eyes at the word “optimize,” don’t lose hope just yet. This isn’t another post about copying keywords into your posts in hopes that Google smiles on your content a little more.

While SEO in the traditional sense is of course an important tool for garnering new attention from people who are using search engines to feel around for answers to their questions, your blog needs to be more than a keyword receptacle if you intend on people reading your content and returning for more in the future.

With that said, if you’re a company who enjoys business from local clientele, it’s important to leverage as much local-oriented search power as possible. With smartphones rapidly finding their way into consumers’ pockets, mobile search is increasingly being used to locate and evaluate nearby businesses that carry the products and services they’re looking for on-the-go.

If you’re a smaller business competing with national big box stores, you might scoff at me for proposing it’s possible to actually contend with them for search rankings. Well I’m here to tell you that kind of thinking is for fuddy dutties stuck in their ways. Local businesses have two main weapons at their disposal they can unleash upon the heavyweight competitors: local knowledge and networks.

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4 SEO Tips For Your Madison, Wisconsin Small Business Website

Although I’m using local Madison small businesses as my target here, these tips pertain to any small business around the country looking to attract more eyes to their website through inbound means.

If you’re totally clueless as to what Search Engine Optimization (SEO) pertains to, familiarize yourself with the concept here. Like almost any other dimension of digital marketing, SEO is a dynamic component of a broader ever-changing online environment, so it’s essential to routinely check out what new changes are taking place and reorient your strategy accordingly.

Similarly, this may be helpful to businesses that integrated some SEO in the past and are looking for some ways to update their optimization.

1. Use web analytics to track and compare your traffic

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PPC for Lawyers: A Guide to Pay-Per-Click for Attorneys and Law Firms

Pay-per-click advertising, sometimes abbreviated to PPC, is a digital marketing technique that has been around for almost as long as search engines have existed, but should your law firm start (or continue) paying for it? Does it work? Is lawyer PPC worth it? Let's take a look.

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Use Google Analytics' Content Drilldown To Optimize Content Marketing

Learn more about content marketing with our free, comprehensive content marketing guide.

Hi everyone, Sam Zastrow here. I'm the account and community manager here at Murvine Marketing. In this week's screencast (How-To Tuesday), we're going to be talking about using Google Analytics, more specifically using the Content Drilldown feature in Google Analytics to help shape your content marketing strategy.

This is something that we keep a close eye on obviously for all of our clients and internally as well: looking at numbers to determine what's working and what's not and adjusting our strategy accordingly and kind of shaping our best practices that way.

I've got four examples, well, three examples — two of them are basically making the same point — that I'm going to show you simply spending about five minutes looking into the analytics of our website and what pages people are looking at and how they're doing it.

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Tracking Inbound Marketing ROI in the Legal Industry

Inbound marketing results in the legal industry can be difficult to track accurately. 

From the client's perspective, choosing a lawyer relies heavily on in-person meetings and consultations to result in a final sale. While digital tactics can be great for leading prospects to an attorney’s office, it doesn't mean closed deals. 

With that said, there are two marketing ROI formulas relevant to legal professionals, and the formula your law firm will use depends on which services you offer and your target clientele.

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How To Conduct Keyword Research: Some Tools To Try

Weighed down by mounds of research and writing? Find the right tool to do your heavy lifting.

In my latest post I made the claim that keyword research is, essentially, audience research. If you can come to know your customers, you can determine what keywords they’ll use to find you.

How exactly you get to know your audience is up to you. I suggested you simply go out and interact with your target market. But I realize that this approach isn't for everyone. We’re not all social butterflies—especially those of us in digital marketing—and we don’t all have the time to set aside our work and sit idly at Starbucks.

So here’s another option: turn to the web. There are an incredible amount of online tools designed especially for the purpose of keyword research. These tools tell you what words people are using in their searches, how competitive the market for these words is, and how to optimize your content to include them.

Here are 3 you should be familiar with:

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Mobile Marketing Basics

Mobile marketing (B2C marketing via smartphones) seems to be a topic of interest these days among our clients and prospects. It’s the same kind of interest that began to creep into the minds of business owners some fifteen years ago: The internet isn’t going away, is it? Something’s happening.

*Some noteworthy mobile stats:

By the end of 2012, an estimated 100 million people in the US will own a smartphone.

In 2011, more than half of the US smartphone population used their devices to perform retail research while inside a brick-and-mortar store.

64.2 million US smartphone users accessed social networking sites or blogs on their smartphones at least once in December 2011. (Up 77% from the previous year.)

20.3% of US smartphone owners scanned a QR code in 2011.

In 2011, Apple iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) accounted for 60.1% of all connected device traffic, while Android claimed 32.4% of the market share.

This data points toward an eventual mobile ubiquity in the US. And in case anyone cares to debate me on that, consider this: in 2 years, tablets, leveraging the groundwork previously lain by smartphones, are already used by 40 million US consumers — a universality that took the smartphone 7 years to accomplish.

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8 Easy Ways To Get Better Inbound Marketing Results

The world of traditional marketing is shrinking, and there's never been a better time to start diverting resources to inbound marketing efforts. Though learning a new marketing technique might seem overwhelming at first, the most basic inbound marketing principles are easy to grasp. Once you've got them under your belt, inbound marketing will become much more accessible.

To get started with inbound marketing, be sure to take a look at HubSpot's blog post on "low-hanging marketing fruit," or easy-to-practice inbound marketing tools. We've picked out a few of the best tips and listed them below.

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