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Blog Post Checklist: 5 Data-Backed Attributes Every Blog Post Should Have

Are you in charge of blogging for your business? If so, I have good news and bad news.

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6 Formatting Tips for Optimizing Your Franchise Blog Posts

This post covers six must have elements for your franchise blog. Each of these impact not only your user's experience, but your place in search results as well.

Whether you’re expanding your franchise website with a blog for the first time, or want to step up your game and improve upon a blog you’ve already established, blogging for your business has come a long way in the past few years. 

If you’ve put a lot of time and effort into writing up a post you know will resonate with serious buyers exploring your franchise website, it can be very tempting to rush through the process and get your ideas published as soon as possible. But, like anything in life that is worthwhile, it makes sense to slow down and make sure you have everything covered. 

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Why Your Franchise Needs A Blog: SEO and Lead Conversion

As a small to mid-size franchising company trying to grab leads online, you know how hard it can be to push yourself to the top of search engine results. 

With prospective franchise owners turning to the web more than any other source to find the right opportunity, getting yourself noticed in search engine results is key. 

Google is constantly changing the way it ranks search engine listings, but each change they make underscores a very obvious goal: Websites that stay relevant with great content get to shine at the top. 

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4 SEO Tips For Your Madison, Wisconsin Small Business Website

Although I’m using local Madison small businesses as my target here, these tips pertain to any small business around the country looking to attract more eyes to their website through inbound means.

If you’re totally clueless as to what Search Engine Optimization (SEO) pertains to, familiarize yourself with the concept here. Like almost any other dimension of digital marketing, SEO is a dynamic component of a broader ever-changing online environment, so it’s essential to routinely check out what new changes are taking place and reorient your strategy accordingly.

Similarly, this may be helpful to businesses that integrated some SEO in the past and are looking for some ways to update their optimization.

1. Use web analytics to track and compare your traffic

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How To Build A Better Accounting Firm Website

Regardless of the variety of work you do as an accountant or financial manager, engaging with prospects online is an absolute necessity in today’s world.

If you’ve already established a website that hasn’t been generating the amount of business you think is possible, or if you are in the initial stages of crafting your first webpage, it’s useful to start from the perspective of your ideal client.

This post focuses on what you need to include on your accounting website to build client trust and generate leads.

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Learn How to Use Your Blog to Nurture Existing Leads

This post examines how to use your blog to nurture existing leads and engage with customers in addition to bringing in new visitors through search.

When blogging is discussed in the context of digital marketing, the conversation tends to focus on a blog's ability to attract visitors and convert them to leads. The basic idea being that you write about topics that your ideal customers may be searching for as they begin their search for a solution to a problem. 

From there, the standard inbound methodology prescribes that you present visitors with basic level information within your blog post, encourage them to learn more by converting on some type of content offer, and then continue to nurture them through additional offers until they close as a customer. 

But what if you could rely on your blog to do more for you than just bring visitors to your site? 

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How to Use Your Old Franchise Blog Posts to Get New Leads

Your blog is (or can be) a very powerful tool for franchise development. But it’s not all about content creation

Maintaining your blog with regular new posts is important to holding the interest of your current leads and nurturing them as they evaluate your opportunity. Search engines value fresh content as well, but you can put your blog to work for you without having to continuously be focusing on creating new content.

Here's how you can get more out of your franchise blog without having to write new posts:

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An Image Optimization Case Study: How To Use Photos To Drive Website Traffic

A few weeks ago, our site was experiencing record-setting levels of traffic. After a few moments of blissfully (and ignorantly) thinking our sound inbound strategy had set off some sort of viral content extravaganza we realized the real reason for the traffic. Almost all of it was coming from a single blog post or, more specifically, a single image within that blog post.

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