Why it Pays to Go All-In on Inbound Marketing

Sam Swiech

Sam Swiech

Content Marketing Manager at Madison Marketing Group

Too often we talk to marketers at B2B companies that think creating one awesome blog post a month is all it takes to start making hay online.

This strategy might work if you're using a ton of time between blog posts to actively promote each one with social media and link-building campaigns, but the truth is, doing a “little bit” of inbound is like playing it safe at the poker table—you might do okay, but you’ll never win big unless you get really lucky.

It only works for us when it works for you.

Let’s address the elephant in the room: as an inbound agency, it seems pretty obvious why we’d want to convince companies to go all-in with the very thing we offer.

The more you give, the more you get.

Traffic triples for B2Bs when you’re publishing three times per week.

Companies that publish 16+ posts per month saw almost 3.5x more traffic than those pushing out 0-4 each month.

impact of monthly blog posts on inbound traffic

impact of monthly blog posts on inbound traffic for b2b vs b2c

Leads almost quadruple when you’re publishing 4+ times per week. 

More traffic is obviously important, but for B2Bs, leads are the goal.

Again, those who went all-in with posting saw massive results compared to those just scraping by.

impact of monthly blog posts on inbound leads

impact of monthly blog posts on inbound leads for b2b vs b2c

Let’s talk results

Fortunately, Hubspot worked that problem out in the form of an ROI calculator anyone can use here. While it’s no crystal ball, it’s a great tool to see where inbound could get you once you take the plunge.

Managing expectations

It’s important to realize that no matter how much inbound you’re doing, results take time—especially in B2B. We’re talking months and in extreme cases, years. But once the needle starts moving, it keeps moving:

When did you first start to see an increase in leads? 83.9% increased leads within 7 months.  When did you first start to see an increase in sales? 49.7% increased sales within 7 months.

check out this report from Hubspot and MIT.

Who should go all-in with inbound? 

There’s no hard-and-fast assessment to determine where the best opportunities for inbound lie, but when it comes to B2B, one thing is clear: If no one else is doing inbound (or doing it well), there’s probably a massive opportunity to seize upon.

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